neonoirnigga why?

For the same reason I’m disappointed with a lot of characters, they just weren’t translated well. Other than him being big, black and formidable at fight, he has no similarities to character in the comics. This isn’t to say he’s a bad character, just not the same.

Wearing jeans with the tag still on them has to be the most coon fashion trend of all time.

Anonymous asked:
Oprah tho ? That's .002 chance she can get preggo worth it ? Lol

kingjaffejoffer answered:

Absolutely still worth it. Oprah got cakes and titties too. I bet when she throw that ass she’ll have you leaning back.

Oprah learned how to throw that pussy in the days before AIDS existed. That was next level carefree poon. 2014 women fuck with stress and worry on they minds.

Oprahs ovaries are old and tired but they still work. I’d dig in there and reupholster that pussy like Yeezy.